28 September 2009

More feedback

Word in from the West Coast:

      Current listening

      A recital disk,
      Noise in the Library, featuring the work of one Karl Henning. Ive only listened to the first two pieces, Heedless Watermelon and Irreplaceable Doodles, so far. First off, let me say that this performance of the Doodles is far and away the most convincing yet. I confess that the first few times I listened to the Doodles (in other renditions), they seemed more doodling than irreplaceable (sorry, Karl!); but all of a sudden, the work is not only making structural sense, but revealing its beauties. Heedless Watermelon, for flute and clarinet, is a delight; it also takes Karl down some hitherto unexplored harmonic labyrinths. Im eager to listen to the rest of the CD, later today.

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