01 July 2024

Then He Stomped

I admit that I’m only now wondering why the ability to remember your name is contingent on there being no one for to give you no pain.
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

I was feeling a little disgruntled with the world at the time and had put together about six different plots, each of which ended with the destruction of the world in a different way, and for a different reason. It was to be called “The Ends of the Earth.” 'While I was filling in the details of the first plot—in which the earth was demolished to make way for a new hyperspace express route—I realized that I needed to have someone from another planet around to tell the reader what was going on, to give the story the context it needed. So I had to work out who he was and what he was doing on the Earth....

— Douglas Adams

Although I had written Misapprehension with a specific group in mind, it proved to be a bad match for that ensemble. With a nod to the year ago yesterday Cola remarks, I sought to make an accommodation, in proposing to write another piece in the hope of making a better fit. The result, which (in the event) did not get performed either, was the Saltmarsh Stomp. If it be Cola, it was not apparently to their taste. C’est vraiment la vie.

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