04 July 2024

A Plot Which I Lost and I Don't Seem to Mind

Pure chance, I am sure, that I saw these two posts in succession: “Anyone who just bites into a KitKat bar without first separating the pieces has got some serious problems.”
“There’s always work that needs to be done, even on a holiday.”
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will get you the right ones.

— John Lennon

In researching the matter here on the bog, I see that I composed Things Like Bliss in January of 2016, and before very long was already re-scoring it. Per this post's headline, it was apparently so considerable a rabbithole of re-scoring, that I had forgotten just what the original scoring was (clarinet in A, two guitars and double-bass.) I had also completely forgotten that my original idea was for a Ninth Ear concert. Well, of course, that wee datum fell out of my brain because not long after the final Ninth Ear concert, I was set upon by the musical thought police, and as a consequence I was completely divested from the endeavor. In the intervening years my sense of the original grew hazy, so that I thought a harp entered into it. At present, still disinclined/unable to any new creative work, I am preparing a new scoring for clarinet and harp. If I were more sensible, I suppose I would ask myself why? as in the first place, I cannot play it, and in the second, no one else needs it. But I guess it is not, at heart, a strictly sensible undertaking. It is a piece I like, and I suppose that is that. The photo is Peter Bloom, Paul Cienniwa and I, and has nothing to do with Things Like Bliss.


Cato said...

Interesting! I need to check here more often! :)

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