20 August 2020

Remembering Henningmusick in the Sunshine State

Beast ill and know that I am God..
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

I think I’m on the brink of buying you mink to drag on the ground
or wrap around you when you slink.

— Fats Waller “Slightly Less Than Wonderful”

Two years ago yesterday, Paul and Mei Mei played Plotting down Florida way

Also, had a fascinating dream last night.  I was working on a piece for two singers, and I was at a part of the score where I was going to have one of the singers speak some text. But, I thought, wouldn’t it be better still to have an actor speak the text at that point?  So I sent a request to Leonard Nimoy, regretting that I could not offer him an honorarium befitting his talent and stature, but would he consider participating?  He agreed.  The dream then shifted gears and I went down the elevator to deposit checks in an ATM.  At the ATM, my fingers tried to remember a PIN which in fact I had forgotten at the time of my stroke.  In the dream, I recalled that fact and then keyed in my new PIN ... first time I did any such thing in a dream.

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