28 August 2019

Chuffing Along

I’m going to call you “Fred,” because no one in the world is named “Omar Sharif.”
— Peter O’Toole, on the set of Lawrence of Arabia

I think I found a solution to our pizzicato conundrum in the Op. 150, so I’ll send to Ellen, to see if she agrees that the solution is as happily easy as it seems to me.

Recent Listening:

Martinů; Field Mass, Double Concerto for piano, timpani & two string orchestras, string quartets
Koechlin; piano quintet, string quartets
Mompou; Música Callada (Herbert Henck)
“Papa”; Op. 50 (Nomos Quartet)
LvB; Opp. 74 & 95 (Vermeer Quartet)
Berlioz; Méditation religieuse (cond. Colin Davis)
Berlioz; L’enfance du Christ (cond. Herreweghe)

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