01 November 2018

These present baby steps

Yesterday evening's work was the entirely modest task of arranging the hymn tune "Raquel" (simply, ever so simply) for the choir's use during Communion this coming Sunday. So, a piece which they'll read for the first time this evening, to sing in three days.  And, starkly unlike the spring's My Lord, What a Morning arrangement, an arrangement built for success in this environment.

Actual work on Christmas music has been thin on the ground, but there is some mental work daily. As with "Raquel," the key will be ease of the up-ramping. So, my preparation should ideally counterbalance the advancing hour.  Meseems I see just how I shall pass the time, Thanksgiving week.

Yesterday was, in other respects, surprisingly productive, so the benefits of Recuperative Tuesday are genuine. Following up on the expedited Bryson O nata lux video for Triad social media broadcast, first thing yesterday I cobbled together a video edit of It Might Happen Today.  It was, to be sure, a rehearsal take, and the sound quality is some distance from ideal, but perhaps it may drum up some interest in the piece.

Ever since I first proposed to Megan Ihnen and Alan Theissen a tailored adaptation of Considering My Bliss Options, my concept for the text was an absurdist plugging in of New Jersey municipalities, with some nominal (equally absurd) framework, plus passages where Megan is at liberty to improvise scat. So on the bus yesterday afternoon, I executed the greater part of this plan, such as it be.

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