01 November 2018

Big Bloggiversary

Time?  I got nothing but time.
– Buckaroo Banzai

The quietly big news here is, that today is the tenth anniversary of this here Henningmusick blog.

I have not always been the most faithful of bloggers.  And at times the posts have been slight, even at times trivial.

What is different?  At the time of the launch, perhaps I had not composed anything of substance (setting aside the even-then-sluggish work-in-progress, White Nights) apart from the Passion.  Where now the portfolio includes the mighty Sonatas for viola, and for clarinet, the complete Mass for unaccompanied choir, the Symphony № 1, and a resumed and significantly filled-out White Nights.

I no longer work part-time at the MFA gift shop.

Triad is going strong.

2018 is the Year of Weight Loss, at last.

Here's hoping for an even better year, and another strong 10 years of blogging.

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