16 November 2018

Footprint, Breath, and Happening Today (possibly)

If all your friends jump off the Geo. Washington Bridge, do you jump off, too?
– Zen koan my parents repeated to me many times in my youth

And the waitress is practicing politics,
As the businessmen slowly get stoned.
– Billy Joel, “The Piano Man” (1973)

How much you bet those sotted businessmen imagine that they are somehow superior to the waitress?
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

Yesterday (don’t stop me, even if this grows tedious) Ensemble Aubade performed Oxygen Footprint, Op.138a at Jacksonville State University in Alabama.  A composer’s deepest thanks for so repeatedly championing his work.

This morning – the Morning of the Slushy LeavesMarshunda wrote about Deep Breath, Op.147 to ask how the composer would prefer some details.  Delighted that this conversation is ongoing.

And tomorrow is the première of It Might Happen Today, Op.156.  We might call me rather a happy composer, we might, at that.

An open question, whether wearing sneakers in weather like this betokens a lack of imagination, or a lack of intelligence.

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