03 October 2018

Fifth Anniversary

The villagers gathered in the churchyard, to cheer the happy couple as they left the church; and the musical tailor had marshalled his band, and set up a hideous discord, as the blushing and smiling bride passed through a lane of honest peasantry to her carriage.  The children shouted, and threw up their hats; the bells rung a merry peal, that set all the crows and rooks flying and cawing about in the air, and threatening to bring down the battlements of the old tower; and there was a continuous popping off of rusty fire-locks from every part of the neighbourhood.
– Washington Irving, Bracebridge Hall, “The Wedding”

Five years ago tonight were my first official duties as HTUMC Music Director.  I do not say that it surprises me at all, but I have found it an enjoyable and gratifying ongoing endeavor.

And, now what?  This evening (and indeed, in preparation for tomorrow’s rehearsal) I must do, what two weeks ago I threatened to do – prepare the easy-ish arrangement of “The Call” for use during Communion this Sunday.

Two results from the excellent rehearsal with Peter yesterday of Considering My Bliss Options . . . first, I have just a few typographic items to clean up in the clarinet part (and, therefore, in the horn part of the Ur-text) . . . two measures where there are two eighth-rests when it ought just to be a quarter-rest, and a couple of beams to add.  Second, to arrange it (an easy task, to be sure) for flute & alto saxophone, for Peter’s nephew in New York.

Before next Tuesday’s rehearsal, I must finally prepare the CD of the fixed media for the King’s Chapel concert.

Still need to confirm rehearsal with Louise, of the “Beautiful Savior” Voluntary.

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