08 October 2018

Auspicious anniversary

That motley drama–oh, be sure
  It shall not be forgot!
With its Phantom chased for evermore
  By a crowd that seized it not,
Through a circle that ever returneth in
  To the self-same spot;
And much of Madness, and more of Sin,
  And Horror the soul of the plot.
– Edgar Allan Poe, "The Conqueror Worm"

In the year when I was most neglectful of the blog, 2016, I posted (four days late) of the start of the Symphony № 1, Op.143.  In the sense that I got the entire piece done with focus and dispatch, and that the composer is entirely pleased with the result, the Op.143 is a complete success.  By measure of the question, Has it yet been performed? success yet eludes both the piece, and the composer. 

Yes, I have made a start on № 2, the first movement of which is complete.  But, as may be readily surmised, it is not as if there is any external motivation to complete it any time soon.

My work this past weekend was altogether more modest.  I prepared flute-&-alto-saxophone editions of both Considering My Bliss Options, and Zen on the Wing.  We sang my arrangements of Precious Lord and Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life yesterday morning.  Pending a test listen, I prepared at last the CD for 16 October of the fixed media for Kurosawa's Scarecrow and Mistaken for the Sacred, this morning (with a 30-second silent track in between, should we of the live ensemble chance to outrun the 'tape').

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