17 October 2018

A bit of an "in the guts of the machinery" post

“[Rod Serling's] subtext was about humanity, and not special effects. Rod strove to inform, enrich, nourish and revive the dead, which he did. He saw the invisible, built the intangible, and achieved the impossible.”~ Ted Post, director of several Twilight Zone episodes
Courtesy of Peter H. Bloom, we've been able to record concerts of the Ensemble on video, for some few years now. The audio quality is passable, and thus, I have continued to take a separate audio recording. It was a while before I figured out that I could "swap in" the superior audio on the video. Better late than never.

Take now the case of (e.g.) Mistaken for the Sacred yesterday: live trio plus fixed media.  In the space, during the concert, the balance between the live group and the fixed media was reportedly good. As the mics of my device picked up the music, however, the fixed media was very faint. Faint enough, in fact, that what I figured I should do was, prepare a mix of the live recording, plus the fixed media as resident at my laptop. So, that is what we've got here:

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