01 November 2017

henningmusick: Quiet Beginnings—Ninth Anniversary

henningmusick: Quiet Beginnings

November the first, 2008, saw the dawn of this here blog.  The composer cannot claim to have been the most consistent of bloggueurs, but when he blogs, he means it.

The purpose of the blog, you ask? Gentle Reader, I suppose the primary purpose is to chronicle new compositions and fresh performances. Even in this, it must be conceded, the composer has not always posted when there has (in fact) been news.

Not at all certain that I can promise, as any steady thing, to undertake to do better.  But the blog does go on.

The really important item to note, of course, is that I continue to compose; that is, both that I continue in the practice of composition, and that my work waxes better and better. The larger Environment of the Music Industry does not suffer me any particular encouragement;  this is nothing new.  The composer has found spiritual means to pursue his work for his own reasons, and upon his own terms.

So let us cheerfully affirm:  Damn the Industry!

Full steam ahead.

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