24 November 2017

Smoother Glide

In more somber news, our parish will have three funerals or memorial services in the coming weeks. For one memorial service, there was a request for an upbeat jazzy trombone solo, Just a Closer Walk With Thee. I consulted the Pastor, who reported that clarinet would do just fine. I have known this for two weeks and a half, but between laryngitis, the Triad concerts, and Thanksgiving, it is only this morning that I saw to the requisite composition.  Thus has been born the Op.146 № 6, Just a Smoother Glide With Thee.

By apparent chance the other day, I went from watching an episode from season 2 of Batman, with Shelly Winters as the “guest villainess,” Ma Parker, to Lolita, in which Shelly Winters is the widowed mother of the title vixen.  Nelson Riddle was a composer who did work on both projects.

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