31 October 2017

henningmusick: Proofing! — The Sheeply Corrigenda (31.x.2013)

henningmusick: Proofing!

Although one might argue that I am merely making more work for myself . . . it turns out that this supposedly-additional task is proving greatly added value, as I find several errors in my adaptation.

Probably, I am enjoying this entire process more than some right-thinking people could quite endorse . . . .

And, another piece which (a) when I look at and (in my mind's ear) listen to it, my heart exults in having written it, yet (b) remains completely unperformed.

Still mending from the laryngitis. Sunday I began the cl/hp arrangement of I Saw Three Ships on Christmas Day. I also met the music director of a nearby community chorus.

And there was evening. And there was morning.

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