31 August 2017

The Anniversary of Oxygen

A year ago today did I write:

Whatever else this day may bring, it dawns upon the completion of the world's newest trio for flute, viola and harp. There is not only the pleasure of having finished the score, and the feeling that it is musical work in which I can take pride; but also the artistic confidence that the instrumentalists for whom I wrote the piece will also find the piece engaging, even exciting. And in turn, they will play the piece in November, and some in the audience may be puzzled, some in the audience may be enchanted, and what composer could ask for more?

In the intervening twelve months, Ensemble Aubade have performed this piece of mine (Oxygen Footprint) several times, so that my music has now reached the ears of hundreds of listeners, in New York, Vermont, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri & Massachusetts, most of whom had never had occasion to hear Henningmusick before. The composer owes Mary Jane, Frank & Peter a great debt.  My heart rejoices.

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