07 July 2017

Truisms for 7-7-17

Not necessarily the harsh sort of irony:  in the empty-ish cubicle of a former co-worker, I find the hand-written exhortation, “You have to accept your journey!” (Including the exclamation point.)

Possibly to be interpreted as contradicting that, and similarly hand-written (so that I cannot supply the source of the Statement of Disinterest):  “I have no interest in being a skydiver who’s successful 95% of the time.”

Separately, in his remarks while accepting the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award, director Frank Capra offered:  “Only the valiant can create.”

For my own part, I consider the work on the ballet thus far, from the oldest numbers which I composed in 2003, to this very week’s labors, entirely successful, musically. The ballet has been an unusual and protracted journey, and I have always accepted that. I formally renew acceptance of the journey, today. There was never any occasion to apologize for “delays” (—not delays: the journey!—) because there was no second party to whom a score or set of parts was due on any date; the only person to whom I have been responsible for the course of the project has always been, myself.  I have had the desire to bring the piece to a conclusion, and I have also trusted both my Muse, and the Time. I have only waited.

Working on Scene 9 this evening.

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