17 July 2017

Nights, Memories, the Pit, Awake!

The Opus 75 work of last week was mostly typographic. That work is not yet done, but I am near finishing. Friday night and Saturday, I took a complete break from White Nights. Well, as nearly complete as possible—there do wander, through various cranial corners, thoughts of what to do next. The final scene of Night the Second, a return to the narrative Present as Nastenka has concluded her Story, is brief, and (at first) flighty.  The Outline allots 135 seconds to Scene 10. I began actual work on the scene (considering, for purposes of present discussion, mere thought as something other than actual work) yesterday, and finished (or, close to finished) half—that is, I've composed (subject to refinement) two of the 
four blocks of the scene, and the present trunk of the number runs a bit more than a minute.  Between tonight and Tuesday night, we stand a good chance of finishing it up.

In the electronic folders, I find PDFs of: Intermezzo II, Intermezzo III, and Scene 12—in the case of the last, more accurately, a PDF bearing the title Scene 12...that file consists in fact of a single empty measure. Apparently, I got to a start, and no more.

When Scene 10 is finished, I shall look more closely at Intermezzo II, to discern whether it is completely done, or only substantially done.  At present, the opening section of Intermezzo III is done, and then there is a stretch for which I have composed the rhythmic background; I suppose a foreground is wanted, and I shall discover something suitable.

However, when Night the Second is done (that landmark which, for years, seemed but a pipedream) I need to see to a few other items:

We have an October concert, and there is music for the “live musicians” to add to Memories of Packanack Lake.

I have a date in April, as well, and I must see if that will suit for the long-awaited second performance of From the Pit of a Cave in the Cloud.

And, on the chance that a brass quintet may find use for it this coming Christmas, I want to finish my jazzy adaptation of the Wachet auf! Chorale Prelude.

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