26 July 2017

Intermezzo makeover

So the question arose: was I going to need to “clean up” the rest of the Intermezzo, in a similarly heavy-handed manner?

No matter. I’ll do whatever is necessary

For all the second-guessing and repairs on the string choir opening, when the woodwinds have an “answering fugato” later, I felt that the quintuplets are just right.

I made very slight local adjustments here and there as I brought the new Sibelius file up to date; I have found the Ur-text largely satisfactory withal.

My notes on Sunday’s draught of Intermezzo II:
  1. mm.15-18 are exactly what the original showed.  I feel strongly that I need to do something here.
  2. mm.19-27 – Apart from the suspended cymbal stroke (m.21), this is literal from 2006.  I rather think something is needed here, too.
  3. mm.28-34 are a slight elaboration upon the original.  I think it works fine.
  4. mm.35-45 – Some minor additions (the piccolo & flute 2 lines, most notably).  I really like this.
  5. [ D ] I feel that the seam requires some touch-up;  otherwise, I am 80% sure I pretty much like it as is.
  6. [ E ] through [ G ] the picc is a new addition (so, yes:  previously this was all straight timpani cadenza – which was quite possibly insane).
  7. [ G ] through [ H ] is literal from 2006, and I like it just fine.
  8. [ H ] through [ J ] – The only new touch is the English horn; I think all this good.
  9. [ J ] – Once this gets going, it’s just what I wish. mm. 114-115 are a recent modification; but I feel that the seam needs some further work.

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