04 January 2016

Stealth Sonata

In writing the Viola Sonata for Dana, there was a deadline, which I met in good time by determining to get some work done on the piece every day, composing at least 10 measures every day.

Maybe that sounds as though the process is "forced," that there would be days where I write measures which aren't good enough and need to be replaced, thrown out.  But in fact, the consistent activity means that my mind is attuned to the piece;  so that the work was in fact quite apt, and of sustainedly good quality.  In practice, I often wrote a good deal more than the 10 measures "required";  so the "hum of productivity" kept me buoyed.

I have no such deadline for the Clarinet Sonata, but I am adopting the same method.  What is different now is, that the decision to write the piece was whimsical, so that before I started work yesterday, there was no "pre-compositional planning" . . . I just hurled noteheads onto the page.  Pretty much did the same today;  but after a few days, a plan will have begun to form;  and then, as I wrap up the first movement, ideas will gel in the back of my musical mind for the remaining movements.

So now, there is a full 30 seconds of Allegro music of the piece.

And tomorrow is another day.

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