01 January 2016

New Year's adventure

On my first walk of 2016, I took a path I had never walked before.  It led me something of a merry chase, as I was sure I should make my way back to a path I knew, but the new path twisted, and rose up a ridge, and there were forking paths, and daylight was fading.  I met some three or four rabbits on my way, but fortunately none of the coyotes for which the area is rather known after dark.

The quartet for clarinet, two guitars and double-bass which I began so well on Hallowe'en, Things Like Bliss, lay practically untouched all the while since.  I took it back up today, and I think it is probably finished.  Only probably, as the guitarists need to confirm that some of the repeated notes are manageable at the tempo indicated.  It is only a modest piece, a mere interlude, but getting to the final double-bar of a piece how humble soever is the right way to bring in the new year.

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