02 January 2016

More Bliss

Here on Ye Blog, I reported yesterday that I finished the quartet for clarinet, two guitars and double-bass called Things Like Bliss; just an interlude, really, a bit more than four minutes in duration. I was listening to the MIDI in Media Monkey (part of my QC testing process), and somehow I had left Media Monkey set on continuous play, so that at the end of the piece, it just started right back up. And I thought, in the case of this piece, that da capo actually works reasonably well.

At first, I really was thinking of a straightforward Da capo marking, and then a "second ending"; but I felt that instead I did want to have a (gently) through-composed repeat. As a result the new version is actually a tad more than twice the duration of the original, about nine minutes long. And then, too, I felt that after all, I had no quarrel with the initial four-minute version of the piece, and decided that I did not need to choose between the two versions, but could let them happily coexist.

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