21 December 2013

Squirrels momentarily voted off the Island

I started out this morning all about the Squirrels, and their Nostalgic Jazz. Saw a couple of them loping along the top of a chain-link fence, offering neighborly inspiration. Made some progress, too. But then, I promised Olivia that I would send an mp3 of the current state of My Island Home, as an aperitivo.

So far, so good. But at that time, for the last 20-ish measures, perhaps, of the score, I as yet had the sort-of-two-part-invention for the two marimbas, with none of the other activity which that passage needs.  So, I set to work there.  Good progress, too.  I think at this stage that the piece may run for about a minute more . . . so I may just stick with that for this afternoon.

After I mark out the bell parts for Joy to the World.

Delighted to hear from EmmaLee, who has responded very positively to Plotting.  She did catch some errors in my notation, which I gratefully emended.

And Kevin is looking at the saxophone choir arrangement of Intermezzo I from White Nights.  I am much enjoying this weekend.

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