01 September 2013

September begun, Opus 113 № 2 done

My new-&-improved canon from yesterday not only moved Après-mystère along nicely, it set the stage for winding the piece up (it is, after all, a brief epilogue to The Mystic Trumpeter).  So, the piece is done.

There was time left to bring the rest of my sketches for Nicodemus into the Sibelius file.  That task done, I was at a What now? point . . . so I went for a walk around the pond.  On my walks, I generally find I pass through the following twenty-ish-minute phases:

  1. Getting into the physical rhythm;
  2. A sort of mind-flush, getting rid of mental residue; and
  3. A refreshed clarity of mind, in which creative work can again flourish.

Thus it was that, while I walked, I saw clearly how I wanted to get from the present end of the Sibelius file (roughly the three-&-a-quarter-minute mark), to the end of the actual piece (total duration of probably five and a half minutes).

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