11 September 2013


Per last night's post, I added six notes to the piano's final four measures in Nicodemus, and the piece is completed. In hindsight, the nag (which was, in the event, an artful nag) amounted to this: all through the piece, the piano accompanied, or perhaps more than accompanied, was a partner in the music; but in that penultimate draught, the piano was insufficiently present in those closing measures. Harmonically and rhythmically, the ending was fine; there was only a quiet voice lacking.

just what everyone was expecting is progressing nicely, now at almost the two-minute mark. The music is busy and quick, so requires a bit more ink. Still, it's got a feel of, if I write 40 seconds' worth off music each day, and then allow a day or two to tighten the odd bolt, the piece will be in the can before the beginning of next week.

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