27 September 2013

Justin Observation

American Idol has succeeded in taking a few musical non-entities and making them over into wealthy celebrities.

It has, in other words, followed through perfectly in its mission and capacities.


Cato said...

Andy Warhol's prediction that everyone will be famous in the future...for 15 minutes...seems unfortunately very applicable these days.

Modern technology has made it possible for mediocrity - its size or ubiquity magnified by the technology - to imitate creativity. The result is that real creativity is chased away by an ersatz Gresham's Law, where in a showdown of Culture vs. Kulcher, the latter wins.

Karl Henning said...

Celebrity trumps artistry.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone seen the movie (available currently on Netflix) called "God Bless America"? (the first 5 minutes are a bit gory, but after that it keeps getting better and better)! Our protanganist Frank says what we are all saying.