20 March 2013

Rolling along

The Organ Sonata (of which, yes, only the first movement is as yet complete, though I do have sketches for each of the remaining two movements) is starting to make the rounds . . . I've sent the PDF to organists in New York & Sweden. Paul himself is game to take a look, but only when he shall have returned from Jamaica, the slacker. 

On St Patrick's Day, I revisited two incomplete scores, neither of which had I looked at in a long time (and the current state of both scores is about four and a half minutes finished): Discreet Erasures, and (more recently) In the Artist's Studio (There's a wide world in there). As a result, really jazzed about both of them.

Of course, I'm still finishing the clarinet choir piece first. . . .

I'll never know why it didn't occur to me until this year . . . but I've sent e-mail (‘cold,’ but hey . . .) to the music minister at an Episcopal parish quite nearby. And they seem to have a concert series, so that is another door upon which one wisheth to knock.

Pinged my friend in Nashville . . . not sure what to expect at this point viz. the Cello Sonatina or the quartet version of It’s all in your head.... But still, one must try.

A recent outbreak of strict counterpoint in Misapprehension must owe everything to hearing the K.551 at Symphony Hall this Saturday night past (Christoph Eschenbach was the guest conductor, and I believe this is not the first time we've heard the BSO under his leadership; I like him, a lot). I like it, and will presently settle on the question of Whither now?

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