24 January 2013


In addition to his studies at a local college, Andrew worked part-time in the bookshop in a museum.  Simply in the course of working with the inventory, Andrew noticed that the catalogue for a current exhibition of fashion photographer Marco Tortilla includes a great many risqué (and, Andrew could not help feeling, for the most part pointlessly risqué) portraits.  (What sort of “portrait” is it, where all you see is a rear end, and a hand picking at the hem of the underwear?  Of what sort of person would this be the most important, interesting, or significant feature? Well, I guess the vapid flashes-in-the-pan who worship Tortilla as a photographic geeeenius.)
Remembering times in the past when a corner dime-store had a jar of jelly-beans on the counter, and ran a sort of betting-pool where the winner was whoever best guessed the number of jelly-beans in the jar . . . Andrew had the mildly wicked thought of proposing a similar game of chance among his co-workers, called How Many Exposed Nipples in the Artsy Catalogue?

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