21 January 2013

Airy on

Just heard from Meerenai, and I blush to say that it seems she may have taken an interest in Airy Distillates.  She has a busy schedule, so I suspect it may be a while before she may be able to learn the piece, but it is nice to learn that she intends learning it.

Most of my work (a little bird suggests that I might cast that noun in scare-quotes, but let it be) on the Organ Sonata over the past week or so has been cerebral, or ethereal, certainly immaterial: I hadn’t set ink to paper in quite some little while.  But this evening I re-awoke Sibelius, and added to the score some passages I had been thinking to add for some little time, and I quite like the result.  Will get back to actual paper to-morrow.

In addition to the Shostakovich symphonies and string quartets, I’ve spent some time with Charles Wuorinen’s string quartets (and Archangel, for bass trombone and string quartet). Oh, and with Hindemith’s Ludus tonalis.

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