04 February 2012

Voice from the past

This week, I had a nice chat on the phone with one of my musical mentors from back when, fellow who led the choir at St Michael’s when I was in high school. So many fond musical memories of those days! I’ve now sent him a recording of the Passion.

It was listening to some Tallis settings of Canticles traditionally used in the Anglican order of service which triggered seeing his face in my mind’s eye, and then (not unexpectedly) came the sharp thought that a very long time has passed since we were in touch.

The visit down the halls of memory brought home the realization that, whatever I may be presently as a composer of sacred choral music (Disclaimer*: not that that’s all that I compose, of course), part of it I owe to this kindly mentor from Back When.

*Disclaimer necessary lest I be marginalized in the Sacred Choral Music ghetto

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