25 February 2012

Quite nearly a wrap

… on N° 4. In the event, I did expand significantly upon that initial stub of a B section (14mm. in that first sketch; now 26mm. plus a 4-mm. retransition into the A'). Although the B section has its design/process elements, too … and the expansion is itself mostly a strict canon at the semitone … it's got an agreeably spontaneous feel which contrasts well with the cooler, ritualistic tone of the outer sections. The tight canon has a good quasi-Romantic stretto vibe. And I've written blurry borders between the sections. All in all, pleased with the result. And for a piece within a series titled These Unlikely Events, a number running perhaps two minutes, which I left unfinished in Boston this past December, to return to and complete in Puerto Rico in February seems well in keeping with the title.

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