24 February 2012

Carrying on w/ n° 4

That idea, yesterday, that the A' section was already done, was only partially in error: rhythmically, yes, it was done (which fact of itself must have felt like an improvement upon the A section, so long in the correcting/refining). Looking back (in order to look forward), I must not have finally addressed pitch matters for the A' section, while they remained up in the air for A.

There was probably just enough of a degree of frustration, back in December, in the apparently eternal incorrigibility of the A section, that even had I succeeded in knocking it into shape, mayhap I should only have felt an exasperated sort of relief. On some level, I expect that I knew that — and thus the abandonment of N° 4 at that time was less artistic laziness, and more a wish to remain on the best of terms with the nascent piece.

My work on the piece now is with an entirely fresh mind, and with the pieces falling into musically tidy place, I like the piece better now than ever — and that, of course, is driving enthusiasm to get more work done.

I began work on the B section to-day. My thoughts for this part remain very flexible, partly so that I remain receptive to my memory being jogged, that I might recall whatever I was thinking earlier (if indeed I ever thought on it more than I'm doing now), partly because, now that the "mechanical" work of "repairing" the outer sections is done, I feel that my touch now is more artistic, and a little more work may yield large benefit.

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