25 September 2010

Odd bits for a Saturday

The contested history of the whoopie pie:

. . . cookie historian Nany Beckett believes whoopie pies originated in the 1920s in Boston . . .

Who knew there was such a thing as a cookie historian, anyways?

Roald Dahl, the Irascible:

Waspishly opinionated, frequently offensive, a hard bargainer with publishers and a prima donna with editors, reclusive, family-focused and outrageously funny, Dahl struck me then as the Evelyn Waugh of children’s literature. One could almost imagine the savage author of Black Mischief and A Handful of Dust writing “The Twits” or “Matilda.”

Anthony Tommasini Article about Glenn Gould in the New York Times:

Guerrero was an advocate of a technical discipline known as finger tapping. Apparently, the idea came to him while watching a young boy dancing in a Chinese circus.

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