29 September 2010


Dana Huyge & Carolyn Ray's performance last night was simply a joy for the ears to drink in. On top of that, that they were playing a piece of mine — words fail.

Dana's teacher, George Taylor, spoke kindly of the piece. 'It's long," he said, "but always interesting." He is considering the piece for performance himself, which I take as a great compliment.

Carolyn is originally from Boston, and there is a plan to bring the piece to Boston. The piano writing is apt to entangle the fingers, so I am especially gratified that Carolyn should like the piece.

Dana's dad is both a jazz saxophonist and a school band director, and the two of us spoke at some length at the reception after the concert. I was deeply impressed by the warmth of his response to the sonata, even while we both agreed that the nature of the piece is such as to almost require repeat listenings.

This morning I'm taking a relaxing cup of Sulawesi at Java's, the very place where, long since, I once perused the classifieds, and found an ad for native speakers to teach English in St Petersburg and the Baltics …

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Cato said...

Marvelous story about revisiting the spot which catalyzed your great on-going love affair!

Sometimes yes, you CAN go home again, despite Mr. Wolfe's opinion.