12 September 2010


Houston Dunleavy writes of a particularly good week:

Apart from this, and as if that weren’t enough . . . .

Cannot go wrong with a simply stupendous choir; here’s wishing Houston many such weeks more!

Stuart Simon, on Deliberateness:

Good question. “The math on that is in counting two beats and putting the five notes in as equally as you can. You have to feel this just as you have to anticipate the metronome’s next click.”

All too few musical blog posts, perhaps, include the observation, She looked at me with murder in her eyes. But there’s the math of it, and there’s just acquisition of the experience of it. If music waited on math, there’d be much less music in the world, and much less variety of it.

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Houston Dunleavy said...

Thanks, Karl. It IS a stupendous choir