27 August 2010

Bridge Complete

Typical, really, that I post on Friday about Wednesday night.

Riding the bus home from work Wednesday, I did get some more sketching done on Suspension Bridge. The physical carriage in the bus following a work-day . . . it’s an experience which is apt to, if not quite lull me to sleep, predispose me to thoughts of rest.

So when I was off the bus and had walked home, I was entertaining thoughts of taking a nap. Before acting on any such thought, though, I went up to start up the desktop, since at start-up it has some back-ground routines that it runs through, which are apt to interfere with operating in Sibelius . . . so my practice is to give it time to clear out, so to speak.

Curiously (miraculously, we might almost say), the desktop had apparently done all its background stuff while hibernating. Whatever the case may be, when I started the desktop — mirabile dictu — it was ready for me to set to work. So I set aside any thought of a nap, started with getting my hand-written sketches folded into the Sibelius file, and then . . . proceeded to keep writing.

Three hours later (this was Wednesday evening), I had reached the final double-bar.

Yesterday I did some mulling over the hard copy (always have to do editing with pen and paper), and voilĂ ! I meet with the violist . . . in a bit less than an hour, in fact. So I shall see if there are any further adjustments to be made . . . .

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