22 May 2010

At King’s Chapel

As promised here, a lively program at King’s Chapel, and always a pleasure to play together with Peter Bloom.

The program (and when I sent to Heinrich I must once again have mis-typed Garden for Cage . . .):

[ click for larger image ]

The artists:

[ click for larger image ]

As on prior occasions (gratifyingly) the usher at King’s was warmly enthusiastic, and asked eagerly when we should be coming back to play again (which is either October or November . . . Heinrich having asked me to bump to another date in consideration for another artist’s scheduling restrictions).

In fact, the usher reported one concertgoer as saying that she had to return to Lancaster County, Penna., that day — but that she would be coming back to Boston for next week’s concert. So Henningmusick is setting a good standard for the King’s Chapel series.

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