21 March 2010

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There we were, in the Providence Journal:

Karl Henning’s Passion According to St John and J.S. Bach’s motet, Jesu Meine Freude with Mai-Lan and Hendrik Broekman continuo.

And what did those who accepted the journalistic invitation hear? In part, this:


Cato said...

After hearing some 5 minutes of Thomas Tallis' "Spem in alium" for 40 voices, my 8th Grade Latin class had to endure a few of my questions: what did they find "unusual" about the waves of sound?

One of them, a C to D student, said: "There's no beat."

Excellent, although in theory there is, so why is there no obvious "beat" in the music?

Another below average student brightly said: "Because it's church music."

True enough: they eventually gleaned that to transport the listener to the otherworldly realm of Divinity, you need to dampen the presence of Time.

In the tradition of all great and meditative music for worship, Karl's work effects precisely that in a most admirable way.

Karl Henning said...

Many thanks, Cato!