20 December 2009

Timing Issues

In the score (Hawkes Pocket Scores № 663; pages are imprinted B. & H. 16697) of Prokofiev’s Suite from music to the film Lieutenant Kijé (Поручик Киже), the duration of the Suite is listed as 18 minutes.

The running time of the Ozawa / Berliner Philharmoniker recording, made November 1990, Berlin Jesus-Christus-Kirche (with Andreas Schmidt singing the Romance and Troika) is listed as 19'46.

The running time of the Abbado / Chicago Symphony recording, made February 1977, Chicago Orchestra Hall (with instrumental versions of II bis Romance and IV bis Troika) is listed as 19'35.

Both of those certainly seem within composerly intent.

A wikipedia article claims that durations of performances of the suite last “20–25 minutes.”

If there are really recordings of Prokofiev’s Opus 60 out there which run 25 minutes . . . .

(* shudder *)

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