19 December 2009

Harnessing the Reindeer

Just saw Altered States again (after a long time) on DVD. I had seen it in the cinemas back when it was released, in some inaesthetically dumpy little movie house on Manhattan. And in that cramped, unsavory environment, I watched as William Hurt lowered himself into an unglamorous iron box, with a door like the entrance to someone’s cellar.

It was a fractal experience.

Call came to reschedule (a second time) a low-stress gig. Chap was matey and apologetic, and realizing that this was a piece of revenue being apparently deferred into the next fiscal year, told me to come get the check already, anyway. It’s a wee bit of Christmas, a wee bit early.

Finally a couple of days properly off. No grand prospects, but a posy of light tasks that need attention. Find a clarinet part for The Snow Lay on the Ground. Scare up some of the clarinet-&-organ pieces. Make that long-overdue editorial excision to the score and parts of Moonrise, and send pdfs to Brett.

Snow may be coming in; but it’s the Saturday before Christmas, and there’s a party. Will the weather interfere with the need for merriment?

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