04 December 2009

Spinning some more

Keeping spirits bright, especially while recovering from minor surgery (which went very well):
1. Robert Fripp, “NY3” from Exposure [508/1029]
2. Frank Zappa, “RDNZL” from You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, vol. V [560/1029]
3. Frank Zappa & The Mothers, “Cruising for Burgers” from Uncle Meat [171/1029]
4. Vivaldi, ii. Largo from La primavera, Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica
5. Stravinsky, First scene from Orpheus (LSO, R. Craft) [517/1029]
6. Stravinsky, Diaphona I from Threni (The Philharmonia, Simon Joly Chorale, R. Craft) [195/1029]
7. Shostakovich, g# minor Prelude & Fugue from Opus 87 (Tatiana Nikolayeva) [1013/1029]
8. Henning, The Mousetrap, Opus 91 (Henning, cl; Peter Cama-Lekx, va) [484/1029]
9. Vivaldi, iii. Presto from L’estate, Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica [769/1029]
10. Prokofiev, Rencontre avec des camerades from L’enfant prodigue (Cologne Radio Symphony, M. Jurowski) [561/1029]

The sequential ‘discoveries’ resulting from this game are sometimes awesome (I use the adjective advisedly). The g# minor Shostakovich Prelude hard on the heels of that excerpt from Threni is wonderful . . . and I should never have tried any such thing deliberately.

Funny that “RDNZL” came up again, but then, I had interrupted the shuffle from last time, and the occasional repetition is under the umbrella of random, I suppose.

“NY3” is exactly what was needed at eight a.m., of course.

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