13 July 2009

Quite a mélange to be sure

With judicious planning (and working the phones) I have cleared this coming Sunday afternoon.  An invitation came to play at a concert in a private residence;  the gentleman specifically suggested Blue Shamrock, but I think I shall take this occasion to work Irreplaceable Doodles back up (and both these pieces are on for the 29 July program at the West End Branch of the BPL).  The Doodles will be no less impressive, and the piece has a bit more of a footprint.

It feels good to be in the path of more playing again.

A nice letter came from Maine this weekend, and the recording of the 24 June recital has sounded abroad on the still rural waters of the Pine Tree State.  Naturally, the composer is delighted that the music has been part of a summer holiday!

Peter Bloom is traveling, yet he kindly sent word from the road saying that he has downloaded Heedless Watermelon and the Tropes.  He says they look good, and sends congratulations.

For the 17 September concert, I am hoping to enlist Mary Jane Rupert again, for another swing at the Lost Waters.  But as a contingency, an hour's program with just flute and clarinet is feasible.

Greg Cooke, whose Bend of Time I premièred at King's Chapel a couple of years ago, is (even now, I hope) acting upon my suggestion to write a duet for flute and clarinet, for Peter & me to consider for inclusion on 17 September.

On walking home from the train yesterday afternoon (and a lovely day for it!), I 'heard' yet another and different 'solution' to the thought of adapting Lutosławski's Lullaby for cello ensemble.  This one, I think is the goods.

And, I am mulling a short piece for oboe and harp, on a suggestion from a virtual neighbor.

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