10 July 2009

Not Fireworks But Keeping the Stove Fueled

On the bus these past two mornings, I scrawled more musical detail for the flute/clarinet duet, Heedless Watermelon. Tomorrow I’ll fold those notations into the Sibelius file, and then I can send the pdf to Peter Bloom for his perusal — he’s on the road visiting family, but is eager to read sooner rather than later anything which he will wind up reading on a music stand.

Our duo lunchtime recital at the West End Branch of the Boston Public Library is now on the official website calendar. So, in raw, practical terms, I suppose I am expecting that we can put the Watermelon together in two rehearsals. Certainly, both players are equal to the task.

Just heard today that the video of the June recital did not come out. (No Henning on youtube just yet.)

Those patient (and, I hope, interested) enough to follow this blog recall that Charles Peltz conducted the successful premiere of Out in the Sun in the NEC’s Jordan Hall. Thanks to maestro Charles’ vigorous outreach with that score, the Director of Bands at the University of Michigan has written to enquire after renting parts for a performance later this year.

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