05 June 2009


My feet don’t hardly make no sound,
Walking on, walking on the moon.
Sting (with The Police)

I’ve a friend who thinks he may not like Shostakovich. Please send suggestions for works you believe will turn him from this error!

(Note that where he works, they sometimes play the Eighth Quartet in the background. Under the circs., that may not be an apt suggestion.)

List of instruments given as ad libitum in the score of Benjamin Britten’s Sinfonia da requiem, Opus 20:
  1. Alto flute
  2. Alto saxophone
  3. Harp II
  4. Horns V & VI

And Cato writes (though exactly whereof, it were out of turn for me to reveal):

A more cheerless affair cannot be imagined! There was more joy while the Titanic sank! And at least the band played something nice!

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