25 June 2009

Ticklish Uptick Timing Issues

An excellent point was raised at the conclusion of last night’s recital; and better thought must be taken for programming on Tuesday the 28th.

Fact: Although in the past, I think I have programmed up to 40 minutes of music for a King’s Chapel recital, management currently seem less negotiable on duration, and expectations are for 30 minutes.
Problem: The tentative program I had been thinking runs:

Angel, op 94a: 12'
Irreplaceable Doodles, op 89: 6'
stars, op 95: 20' (or maybe a shade more?)

total = 38' (plus)

. . . which with potential ‘breathing expansion’ in the music, and stage-changes, is clearly too long a running-time.

Possible solution A: Drop the Doodles
Objections: Still leaves us running a bit long; and the idea of programming Doodles is to give Peter a well-deserved breather.
Level of objections: Code Red

Possible solution B: Drop the Angel
Objection: Seems a pity not to let Peter have more use of the piece now that it’s in ‘fighting trim’.
Ameliorations: Lightens some of Peter’s burden for that day; currently no prospect of a recording of the event, anyway.
Level of objection: Code Yellow

Possible solution C: A one-time abbreviation of starsfor this occasion only
Objections: Composer is very much not desirous of seeming to ‘sanction’ cuts; part of the piece’s impact, I think, is its breadth; I don't really ‘see’ cutting more than (say) the first six minutes-ish . . . if we begin with love awakens, we still have a 14-minute piece.
Level of objections: Code Yellow(?)

If we keep Angel & Doodles, and go with (C), we’ve still got something like 32 minutes of music . . . which perhaps, if we are brisk with sequencing, we can get away with.

I still await my fellow performers’ thoughts on the matter.

Gentle Reader, what are your thoughts?


Cato said...

Karl: you need to get some new management!


The 32-minute solution would seem to be the one.

Otherwise...new management!

Karl Henning said...

Well, I am alive to their concern there. After all, a fair portion of my attendance at the lunchtime events are officemates, on their lunch . . . who need to be back in the saddle by one of the clock . . . .