08 June 2009

Musicks Old & New II

This series has taken more than 20 years to put together. It provides a comprehensive collection of unreleased live material (absolutely no overdubs), beginning with the earliest tapes (7½ ips analog two-track), up to the most recent material from the 1988 big-band tour (48-track digital).

Great care has been taken to ensure the best audio quality, however, some early selections by the original Mothers Of Invention, though not exactly “hi-fi,” have been included for the amusement of those fetishists who still believe that the only “good” material was performed by that particular group. (Comparison to the performances of some of the later ensembles should finally put an end to that quaint fantasy.)

— Frank Zappa, “General Information” in the liner notes to volume IV of the You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore series

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