18 February 2021

Two in the Bag

Unnecessary earliness.
Postcards From Red Squirrel Trail

Tallinn is a city big enough, that if you’re trying to find somebody, you can’t; and a town small enough, that if you’re trying to avoid somebody, you can’t either.
— Estonian Aphorism

I went from Mildly annoyed at myself for neglecting to work on a pieceI Dreamt of Reconciliation and Harmony, Op. 171) which I like very much to The piece is done in the space of three days.  The piece is a duet for flute and alto saxophone, dedicated to Paul Gardner and Greg Weber, and is six minutes or so in duration.

As the k a rl h e nn i ng Ensemble are thinking of re-entering public performance (when possible) in outdoor settings I shall add horn and violin, to make Op.171a an outdoorsy quartet.

Also finished today: the Op.169 № 3, Love is come again like wheat that springeth green, organ solo, dedicated to Carson Cooman, and running three minutes and a half.

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