17 February 2021

Dreaming On

Jesu, Toy of Man’s Conspiring.
Porridger’s Almanack (Breakfast of Ganglions)

I replied—"This is nothing but dreaming:
Let us on by this tremulous light!
Let us bathe in this crystalline light!
Its sibyllic splendor is beaming
With hope and in beauty to-night:
See, it flickers up the sky through the night!
Ah, we safely may trust to its gleaming,
And be sure it will lead us aright:
We safely may trust to a gleaming
That cannot but guide us aright,
Since it flickers up to Heaven through the night

— Edgar Allan Poe “Ulalume”

Another review which I don’t believe I’ve posted here—Review: Emory Streams All-Star Trio concert, reduced to Duo for on-demand viewing.

I began work on the new duet for flute and alto saxophone, I dreamt of reconciliation and harmony, Op. 171 on 11 Dec. I worked on it next (a little) on 3 Jan. Yesterday (at last!) I resumed [or began] proper work and brought the piece just past the three-minute mark. I’ve worked more today, and the piece is ten seconds shy of four minutes now. I’m aiming for a five-minute piece, may or may not do a little more work on it this evening.  Will try to have it “in the can” Friday, so that the work is done before I need my post-therapy nap.  I reached a listening milestone today, having at last listened to the whole of the Dennis Russell Davies/Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra box of the complete Haydn symphonies, absolutely all of which are masterful, and many of them are brilliant.
I don't believe I have yet posted Carson Cooman’s realization of the Opus 169 № 1, Where bright angel feet have trod.

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