09 July 2020

About the Opus 119

. . . Does the idea ask whether I have spare time or not? I am its victim, everywhere, all the time.
— Leoš Janáček

As listed here, in 2011 I had Leo Schulte’s “The Crystalline Ship” in mind as one of the movements of the Cantata that never was; it is the Mass which (a little to my own surprise) germinated determinedly, and now bears the Op. 106 designation.

However, on 14 Mar 2014, D’anna Fortunato and Peter H. Bloom performed the première of my setting of “The Crystalline Ship” for soprano and baritone saxophone as my Op.119 № 1 . . . and I had formed the idea of the Op. 119 comprising a set of pieces for voice plus Peter, as he plays several instruments. Probably at the time, but certainly since,  I decided, too that the other unifying factor would be, Schulte texts.

Thus, the new soprano/alto flute piece for Janet Ross, will be the Op.119 № 2, “My Life, My Life”

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