09 July 2020

A Kind of Recapitulation-plus

. . . “a conviction that art should do something more imaginative than servile imitation of nature.”

harking briefly back to this week’s review, it is a welcome case when one has more material to select from, than can be accommodated in the space of the review.  But here in my blog, I can enlarge, parenthesize, or comment with no limit which does not originate with myself.

This wonderful Gabrieli disc was not conceived ex nihilo, but is a later generation’s fond salute to the landmark 1968 Columbia Records LP, The Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli, Columbia Masterworks: MS 7209, a combined endeavor of the Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago Brass Ensembles, an album of which at least one of our artists on the 2014 project “wore out the grooves” (an image which lacks relevance to CDs—let alone mp3s.

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