04 April 2018

To post while the posting appears good

[The cobbled nature of this post shows no respect for the calendar.]

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (a simile whose days of general comprehension are probably numbered) Peter & I had another excellent, productive rehearsal yesterday [Sunday].  So, the three-day holiday weekend featured daily rehearsals, and we are in good shape for the concert which is two weeks from tomorrow [Tuesday, yesterday].  It’s early, but the early preparation was strongly indicated since (as reported on this very blog, Gentle Reader) Ensemble Aubade will be touring the Midwest (with a return stopover in Brooklyn) for ten-ish days, spreading the news of mine Oxygen Footprint.

And (to post this before there is further delay) an excellent Triad rehearsal last night [Monday night], the first for our June concerts.

[posted a day late, nevertheless]

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